Success Stories

Mr. Ramesh Manickam – Asian Cook, Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Australia

“I came to understand that the practical skills assessment was a wise choice for my occupation. It has helped in eliminating the fear of being accurate while explaining in detail. With more than 20 years of experience, the skill assessment helped me understand my position in par with the Australian hospitality industry. Baasu Consultants had a friendly approach and gave me timely guidance to achieve success. Now I am doing what I do best at Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Australia”

Mr. Selvakumar Mavellingey Sellamuthu – Asian Cook

“The practical skills assessment process was supportive in helping me understand the Australian culinary industry and its requirements. The briefing helped me to understand my obligations towards the assessment and evaluate myself as being ‘job-ready’. I am grateful to Baasu for their exclusive attention and counsel. Thank you Baasu.”

Ms. Divya Khanna – Pastry Cook

“Without a doubt, I can say that Baasu was the backbone of my successful assessment. I made it through the assessment, hassle free, with their timely guidance and encouragement. As a baker, I was apprehensive if I would have access to equipment that I use at work. But, I was amazed to see that everything that I would require in terms of utensils and equipment was ready. This reflects Baasu’s commitment and zeal.”

Mr. Kasim Saikh – Asian Cook

“I would give a five-star rating for the services provided by Baasu Consultants as well as Victoria. For trades such as mine, it is quite a challenge to explain the intricate details and other nuances. Fortunately, the practical assessment helps us in avoiding the stress. Cost wise, it is a better option as I see it as an investment that has yielded me with the returns that I had expected.”

Mr. Sam Vijo Matthew – Asian Cook

“I am an Asian cook. Prior to the practical assessment, I thought that I was supposed to do only Skype interview. But after discussing with the team of Baasu, I was able to understand that the practical assessment is more candidate-friendly and reduced my stress. The Victoria University process was streamlined and helped me to sharpen my skills. Even recently, I came back to Baasu Consultants to complete the practical skill assessment for Chef. I would definitely advise my fellows to take up practical assessment and recommend Baasu Consultants.”

Mr. Raguchandran D – Asian Cook, Hotel Saravana Bhavan

“Previously, I was working in Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Chennai. I came to Baasu Consultants for the skills assessment, which is a mandatory requirement to migrate to Australia. The Victoria University process helped me to understand the occupational and hygiene standards and requirements. Hospitality shown by Baasu Consultants was excellent. I would recommend practical skill assessment because errors can be minimised.”

Mr. Arunachalem – Pastry Chef

“The skill assessment practical I went through was informative and I came to know the expectations of the Australian culinary industry. Baasu Consultants provided appropriate guidelines. The assessment was well organized and I am looking forward to start my career in Australia soon.”

Mr. Tibin Thomas – Commercial Cook

“After knowing that my outcome of the technical skill assessment was unsuccessful, I was worried about my chances of working in Australia. With the guidance of Victoria University and Baasu Consultants, I became aware of the practical skills assessment. It was only then that I understood the value of demonstrating one’s skills when compared to explaining it. Baasu Consultants followed a systematic approach and ensured that the arrangements for the assessment was on mark. Now, I hold the successful assessment outcome letter and am more confident about my skill and expertise.”

Mr. Sachin Singh – Continental cook

“Baasu Consultants and Victoria University were helpful during the Practical Skill Assessment. According to me, I think that the practical skill assessment is the best way to observe one’s skill and professional expertise. I would recommend Baasu Consultants because of their professionalism and transparency in business”

Ms. Mamta Kumari – Indian Cook

“Baasu Consultants was very helpful throughout the process and helped me to understand the new environment and guided me in a very professional manner. The Food Safety and Hygiene Program conducted prior to the assessment helped me to understand the requirements of being a professional cook in Australia and the responsibility I hold as a cook. Thank you Baasu and thank you Victoria University.”

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