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Baasu is not a law firm. We assist our clients with their immigration needs and provide appropriate immigration services as required. BAASU, its associates, and administrators may occasionally make decisions that are not consistent with or contradictory to the recommendations or observations offered on this site. The opinions presented in this material are based on data from various sources, but the firm may not endorse all opinions and facts provided on this site.

Although the information in this text is based on widely available data, internal figures, and other reliable sources considered accurate, we do not claim it to be entirely correct or comprehensive, and it should not be relied upon as such as it is intended for general guidance only. Neither BAASU nor any of its associates or group firms shall be held accountable for any loss or harm resulting from any unintentional errors in the information provided on this site.

BAASU has not independently verified every detail provided on this site. Therefore, we neither confirm nor provide any representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of the contents or information provided here. While BAASU strives to keep you fully informed, there may be certain factors that prevent or restrict us from doing so.

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