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What Is Practical Assessment?

Practical skill assessment is an option offered when the candidate is more confident in demonstrating their skills than explaining them to the assessor. It provides a more hands-on approach in the kitchen than mere discussion does. The practical assessment takes five to eight hours.

You are required to complete a series of practical work-based tasks that demonstrate your skills and undergo a short interview and/or written assessment designed to assess the depth of your knowledge and how you apply that knowledge. The practical assessment is conducted in English, and no interpreter is allowed. The practical tasks and interview questions asked by the assessor are based on the units listed in your trade.

You will be assessed by an assessor who is a qualified and well-experienced tradesperson in the relevant occupation. The assessor also holds a qualification as an assessor. Typically, the assessor is the panel assessor from the Registered Training Organization (RTO), Australia.

Benefits Of Practical Skills Assessment

There are plenty of sources to find work that suits you while you study, including:

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