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Mr. Mathew’s Journey: From Kerala to Australia as a Restaurant Manager


In this case study, we dive into Mr. Mathew’s personal journey and experiences as he obtained a 482-sponsorship visa to work as a restaurant manager in Australia. We’ll draw directly from Mr. Mathew’s conversation to provide an authentic and detailed account of his thoughts and challenges throughout the process.

A new beginning:

Mr. Mathew, originally from Kerala, India, shared his excitement about the new chapter in his life. After spending a decade in the Middle East, he was eager for a change and a return to his roots. Moving to Australia promised new experiences, a different work environment, and personal growth.

Connecting with the Baasu Consultants:

Mr. Mathew discussed how he was introduced to the Baasu through a recommendation from a cousin. He emphasized that the communication with the Baasu was clear and concise, matching his field of work. Trust and a good rapport were crucial, and he expressed satisfaction with the prompt and informative responses he received.

Choosing Australia:

While Canada was a popular choice for many, Mr. Mathew explained that he opted for Australia due to its distinct appeal. He saw Australia as an ideal destination for his career in the food and beverage industry, offering a more favorable environment than other destinations he considered.

Challenges for restaurant managers:

Mr. Mathew discussed the unique challenges of securing a visa as a restaurant manager. Unlike technical roles, restaurant management focuses on communication and leadership skills. He stressed the importance of confidence and conveying a clear message in interviews.

The visa application process:

Despite an initial expectation of a 2–3-month processing time, Mr. Mathew’s visa experienced a delay of an additional month. He emphasized the importance of ongoing communication and appreciated the coaching office’s transparency and responsiveness throughout the process.

The journey to Sydney:

In addition to his professional background and education, Mr. Mathew shared his excitement about the move to Sydney. He was excited to return to the world of food and beverages, a field he was passionate about, and about his dedication to continuous learning.

Short-term and long-term goals:

Mr. Mathew had his short-term plan to contribute to the learning and development aspect of his new workplace, setting procedures and focusing on beverage knowledge. In the long term, he aspired to grow within the organization, emphasizing the importance of personal and career growth.

Exploring multiculturalism:

Australia’s multicultural environment offered a unique opportunity for Mr. Mathew to learn about various cultures and enhance his people skills. He recognized that working in such a diverse setting would enrich his personal and professional experiences.

Preparing for the journey:

Mr. Mathew had undertaken extensive research on travel requirements, including Australia’s strict quarantine regulations. He highlighted the need to be aware of what items could and could not be brought into the country, particularly food products and seeds.

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In conclusion, Mr. Mathew’s journey to Australia as a restaurant manager showcases the dedication and enthusiasm of professionals seeking opportunities in a new country. His experiences emphasize the importance of effective communication, trust, and adequate preparation when pursuing a career in a multicultural environment.

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