Permanent residency is to live and work in Australia on a long term basis. Permanent Resident (PR) Visa to Australia is issued by the Australian government and authorizes professional/skilled foreign nationals and their eligible family members (spouse and children) who accompany them to live, work and study legally in Australia.

The timeline for a Permanent Visa ranges from 8 months to 2 years. This timeline is subject to change with document submission, document verification, processing etc.

You have a default period of 28 days to give one inward entry into Australia and can come back and leave whenever you want.

The migration officer has all the rights to reject an application if the application does not comply with the Regulation Act.

The points test is a mandatory requirement for anyone applying for skilled migration visas to prove their eligibility.

Invest a couple of minutes to know your eligibility here.

The Skilled Occupations List is a list of nominated occupations that require workforce from outside Australia. To apply for any skilled migration visa to Australia, you must nominate an occupation which is on this list.

Check here to see if your occupation is in the Skilled Occupations List(SOL).

Yes. It is one of the mandatory requirements for your Visa application.

PTE, TOEFL, CAE and OET are other English language tests that are accepted for Visa application.

Skilled Migration can be sponsored either by a regional sponsor (state/territory), employer or a relative who is eligible to sponsor.

On the completion of 3 years on your Permanent Visa, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

Australian visa legislation and the visa application process is not only complex, but can change very rapidly. At Baasu, our migration consultants understand the Australian visa legislation to help in determining the best visa option for you. Experienced consultants, with the latest information and updates on various visas, work case specifically. Exclusive care and attention is given to each of our clients and constant support throughout the process.

At Baasu, we offer ancillary services including the initial assessment and eligibility check. A checklist of required documents shall be given and the application can be launched on behalf of the applicant. Most of the queries by the Immigration​ Department will be clarified to you based on the documents​ provided and regular follow up will be done with the respective departments for any updates and all other process will be taken care as per the agreement.

Yes, you will need to file a fresh application for Skills Assessment since your changed nominated occupation is on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skill List.

No, your family can’t live elsewhere while you work in regional Australia.

A full time employment with a minimum of 45 hours per week is required for you to apply for a PR visa.

When you work in regional Australia, you need to work for the agreed period of employment with the same employer, after which you can work with the employer of your choice.

You are eligible for social security when you complete 3 years on your permanent residence visa.

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Every individual & every profession is unique, and the migration regulation is always a consistently changing policy. To know exactly your eligibility, please consult with us.

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