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July 2023 – Impact of New Visa Regulations on International Students from India to Australia

In this article, we will explore the significant changes brought about by the new visa regulations effective from 1st July 2023 and how they are impacting international students from India who wish to study in Australia. Brought to you by Baasu Consultants, a pioneering overseas advisory company with 23+ years of experience, we have assisted thousands of candidates in obtaining their visas. The latest changes in the Visa rules have important implications for Indian students, ranging from extended post-study work visas to alterations in part-time work permits.

Extended post-study work visas

One of the major changes in the new visa rules is the provision for Indian students to obtain extended post-study work visas, depending on the level of education they pursue and their chosen specialization. Under these new regulations, Indian students are eligible to stay in Australia for up to eight years without requiring any sponsorship, provided they pursue levels up to PhD. This represents a significant enhancement, granting students more time to gain work experience and contribute to the Australian economy after completing their studies.

Part-time work permit regulations

Another noteworthy change in the visa regulations concerns part-time work permits for international students. During the pandemic, the previous cap of 20 hours per week was removed, allowing students to work unlimited hours. However, as of 1st July, the regulations have been adjusted, and students are now subject to specific work hour limitations. The new allowance permits students to work up to 48 hours per fortnight, equivalent to 24 hours per week.

Nevertheless, there is an exemption for individuals working in the aged care and health sectors. For these students, the increased allowance of unlimited working hours will be in effect until the 31st of December 2024. This exemption provides opportunities for students in these sectors to have greater flexibility in managing their finances and earning potential.

Impact of India-Australia free trade agreement

The India-Australia free trade agreement, which came into effect recently, is expected to have a positive impact on the number of Indian students studying in Australia. Even before the agreement, Indian students had already surpassed their Chinese counterparts in becoming the highest number of international students in Australia. With the new Visa regulations and the bilateral agreement, it is anticipated that the influx of Indian students to Australia will increase even further in the coming years.


The new visa regulations effective from 1st July 2023 have brought about significant changes for international students from India planning to pursue higher education in Australia. The extension of post-study work visas for up to eight years, depending on the level of education and specialization, offers Indian students enhanced opportunities to explore career prospects in Australia without the need for sponsorship.

On the other hand, the adjustments in part-time work permit regulations, limiting students to 48 hours per fortnight, except for those in the aged care and health sectors, pose constraints on the earnings of most students. However, the India-Australia free trade agreement is expected to mitigate these challenges by further boosting the number of Indian students choosing Australia as their preferred destination for higher education.

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