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Jinu’s Inspiring Journey to Australia: A Case Study of Hard Work and Dedication


This case study revolves around Jinu, an accomplished restaurant manager from India, and his remarkable journey from Dubai to Australia. We delve into Jinu’s experiences, challenges, and the pivotal support he received in realizing his dream of relocating to Australia and securing a work permit visa (subclass 482).

Background and decision to move:

Jinu began his career in Dubai’s restaurant industry in 2008, gaining experience in various roles over the years. When faced with the uncertainty of Dubai’s job market, Jinu made the audacious decision to seek better prospects in Australia. His objective was clear – to find an employer that would value and leverage his expertise.

Choosing the right support:

A crucial aspect of Jinu’s journey was selecting the right partners to facilitate his transition from Dubai to Australia. He emphasized the importance of trustworthiness, transparency, and experienced guidance. He entrusted Baasu, a consultancy with a strong reputation, for their transparency and the mentorship provided by Mr. Sunder Gurusamy.

Understanding the Australian job market:

Jinu’s insights underscore the importance of comprehending the nuances of the Australian job market. He consulted with friends in Australia who emphasized the need for increased dedication, effort, and passion compared to the Dubai job market. Jinu identified the significance of being transparent about one’s expertise and aligning it with the right employment.

Plan for family relocation:

Jinu initially decided to embark on his Australian journey alone, with the intention of familiarizing himself with the new lifestyle before bringing his family. His rationale was to ensure a smoother transition for his family, considering the challenges of moving to a new country.

Visa application process:

Jinu expressed his gratitude for the guidance provided by the Baasu team, which played a pivotal role in ensuring a relatively smooth process for his work permit visa (subclass 482). It is noted that the key to success in Australian visa applications, including the work permit visa (subclass 482), lies in meticulous and well-organized documentation.

Opportunity for permanent residency:

A surprising development in Jinu’s case is the changing rules that now allow restaurant managers to apply for permanent residency in Australia after two years. This new opportunity was not available when Jinu initiated his journey, highlighting the dynamic nature of immigration policies. Jinu’s proactive and positive approach positions him well to leverage this newfound opportunity.


Jinu’s journey to Australia serves as a compelling case study, emphasizing the rewards of determination, dedication, and choosing the right partners when embarking on a life-altering move. With his extensive background and unwavering resolve, Jinu is poised for success in the Australian hospitality industry. This case study is an inspiration for those considering similar life transitions, highlighting the importance of transparency, market awareness, and adaptability to new opportunities.

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