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How to calculate the cost of living in Australia in 2 minutes for Students?

It is very easy now. Now Australia has initiated its cost-of-living calculator where you can get the approximate value with respect to your preferences and by your favorite city. When you are planning to live in Australia, you would like to know the credible way to plan your cost of living. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of the same. The variation in the cost of living from city to city or from one state to another differs a lot. There are some expenses that are common in any place like– housing, food, transport, etc; while others need to be added depending on where you live – additional utilities, internet, mobile bills, entertainment, etc.

To start with, please go to this site, Click here

There will be a total of 9 simple steps. There will be options for selecting the currency. and then select if you want to see calculations on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Select which city you want to live in and click next.

here select where you want to stay, city or suburban area. Select and click next.

Here select what type of accommodation you would be interested such as homestay, shared house, bedroom unit, or managed apartment. Select your wish and click next.

Here you can see the amount is started to calculate with respect to the selection we made before. At this point, select the transportation mode you want and how often you will use them and click next

here, drag the pointer to how many times you will eat outside per week and click next

Here provide what price range your food fits into at home and when you eat outside.

Here, you select the level of other products/services that you require like gym, haircuts, cosmetics, and mobile plans

And then your clothing preferences.

And here select your extra fun and learning activities.

And that’s it, here you can see it’s showing the estimated cost of living in Sydney with respect to our selections. also, it’s showing how much it’ll cost in other cities with the same preferences.

Note: These are not accurate data and it’s the approximate calculation for you to plan before you move to Australia.

Here is the complete video on doing this

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