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Exploring Migration Options to Australia if You’re Over 45


If you’ve dreamt of migrating to Australia but have been told by migration advisors or consultants that your age, being above 45, makes you ineligible for direct migration, don’t despair. There are alternative pathways that you can explore to fulfill your Australian migration aspirations. In this article, we’ll discuss some viable options for individuals over the age of 45 who still wish to make Australia their home.

Subclass 482 work permit visa

The subclass 482 work permit visa is a promising option for those whose age exceeds 45. Unlike many other visa types, this one doesn’t come with an age limit. Instead, it relies on employer sponsorship. To secure this visa, you need to demonstrate to your potential employer that your job role doesn’t require an age limit. Your experience, knowledge, and expertise should instill confidence in your employer’s decision to support your application. With a subclass 482 visa, you can work in Australia for a period of two to four years, and it can be extended, allowing you to live and work in Australia and savor the lifestyle down Under.

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

The Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is an arrangement between the Australian federal government and specific regional areas. These regions are often remote or have difficulty attracting suitable employees. To address this, these regions negotiate with the government for special status to encourage individuals to come and work in these areas. DAMA regions vary from year to year, so it’s essential to stay informed about which areas are currently available for migration. The good news is that DAMA regions often provide age exemptions up to 50, meaning that even if you’re between the ages of 45 and 50, you can still apply for migration. The key requirement is that you must commit to living and working in the designated region as a condition of your visa.

Global talent visa

The global talent visa is a unique and prestigious option for individuals with exceptional talents recognized by the Australian government. If your talent falls under this category, you may be eligible for an age exemption, even if you are over 45 years old. This visa is designed to attract individuals with outstanding expertise in various fields to contribute to Australia’s growth and development.

Business migration visa

Entrepreneurs aged above 45 can also explore opportunities to migrate to Australia under the business migration visa category. This visa offers an age exemption up to 55, providing a clear 10-year window to make your migration dreams a reality. The business migration visa category encompasses various streams, each tailored to different business types and investment levels. By carefully assessing your qualifications and business plans, you can identify the most suitable pathway within this category.


Age should not be a barrier to realizing your dream of migrating to Australia. While traditional migration pathways may have age restrictions, there are alternative options available for individuals over the age of 45. Whether it’s through employer sponsorship, regional agreements, exceptional talents, or entrepreneurial endeavors, there are avenues to explore and opportunities to seize. If you’re determined to make Australia your new home and are over 45, consult with migration experts who can guide you through the process and help you identify the best pathway to achieve your Australian dream. Australia’s diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and strong economy await those who are willing to take the leap.

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