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Chef Kumaran’s Journey to successfully Obtaining an Australian Work Permit Visa: Case Study

A Passion for Cooking and Traveling:Journey to Australia

Chef Kumaran’s passion for cooking and love for traveling led him to pursue opportunities outside India. After gaining extensive experience working in India and the United States, he decided to explore career opportunities in Australia.

Navigating the Daunting Visa Application Process

However, the visa application process can be daunting and overwhelming, especially for someone who is not familiar with the rules and regulations. Chef Kumaran tried to navigate the process himself and even sought the advice of a consultancy firm in India, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and he lost both time and money.

Finding a Solution

Undeterred by his previous setback, Chef Kumaran kept searching for a solution to his visa problem. His determination led him to Baasu Consultants, a reputable visa services firm based in Chennai. Chef Kumaran was initially hesitant to work with them, but after meeting with the team, he was impressed with their professionalism and clear communication.

Preparation and Success

Baasu Consultants took the time to understand Chef Kumaran’s unique situation and reviewed his documents thoroughly. They were honest with him and explained that he was only eligible for a work visa at the time. Although Chef Kumaran’s dream was to obtain permanent residency, he was determined to pursue this opportunity and establish a foothold in Australia.

Baasu Consultants provided him with a workshop to help him prepare for his skills assessment and technical interview, which he found extremely helpful. The process was straightforward and efficient, and he received his outcome letter in just six days.

With Baasu Consultants’ advice, Chef Kumaran secured himself a position with a well-reputed restaurant in Sydney that offered him a good salary package and the possibility of future permanent residency. Baasu Consultants coordinated with Chef Kumaran and his employer to gather all the necessary documents and submitted his visa application, which was approved within 25 days.

Perseverance Pays Off: Testimony

Chef Kumaran was extremely grateful for Baasu Consultants’ hard work and effort in making his visa application process a success. He referred several friends to the company and highly recommends their services to anyone seeking Australian visa services.

Chef Kumaran’s journey to obtaining a work visa is a testament to his perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. With the right support and guidance from Baasu Consultants, he was able to overcome the challenges and achieve his goals. Baasu Consultants played a crucial role in his journey and provided him with the necessary tools to succeed.

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