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Australian Migration Program 2023-24: What You Need to Know


Welcome to our channel! In today’s video, we’ll discuss the latest updates on the Australian migration program for the year 2023-24 and how these changes might affect your chances of becoming a permanent resident in Australia. The past couple of years have been challenging for international migrants due to the pandemic, and as the Australian borders began to reopen, there was a surge of interest in migration. We’ll delve into the numbers and categories of visas to see how these changes might impact your migration plans.

Migration numbers:

In 2022, Australia approved approximately 195,000 visas under its immigration program. For the upcoming year, 2023, it’s expected that there will be a slight reduction, with around 190,000 visas anticipated to be approved. The big question is: Will this change your chances of migrating to Australia? The answer depends on the specific category you fall into, and that’s what we’ll be discussing in detail in this article.

Categories of migration:

The Australian migration program is divided into five main categories, each serving a unique purpose.

Skill stream (Approximately 130,000 places):

This category constitutes about 72% of the total migration program.
It is expected to remain relatively stable, so candidates in this stream need not worry about significant changes.

Family stream (Approximately 52,500 places):

This category makes up about 28% of the program.
The family stream is designed to support the family members of skilled migrants.

Partner visas (Around 40,500 places):

While not a large number, partner visas are essential for reuniting families.

Child visas (Around 3,000 places):

This category caters to dependent children of Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Comparing 2022-23 and 2023-24:

When comparing the two years, the numbers show minimal differences. In 2022, there were approximately 195,000 visa positions available, whereas in 2023-24, this number has been slightly reduced to 190,000. While a 5,000-place reduction might seem significant, it’s important to note that it won’t drastically affect your probability of obtaining a visa.

The good news:

The Australian migration program has maintained a consistent increase, with 2023-24 offering 190,000+ visa positions, a significant improvement from the pre-pandemic era when the number was around 160,000.

Changes in the skill category:

The majority of the changes, specifically the 5,000-place reduction, are concentrated within the skill category. Last year, there were around 142,000 positions, and this year, it’s expected to be approximately 137,000. Most of this change can be attributed to a minor reduction in specific skilled categories.

Additional funding for visa processing:

One noteworthy change is the allocation of additional funding to streamline and fast-track visa processing. post-pandemic, delays in processing visa applications were a concern. With the added resources, the Australian government is committed to speeding up the process, benefitting applicants across all visa categories.


In summary, the changes in the Australian migration program for 2023-24 are relatively minor, with the total number of visas remaining consistent. While there might be slight reductions in some skill categories, the impact on your chances of migrating to Australia is limited. The positive news is the commitment to improving visa processing times, which will benefit applicants in the coming years.

For more personalized guidance and assistance with your migration plans, feel free to reach out to us using the contact details provided in the description below. Stay updated with changes on the immigration home affairs website for the latest information. We look forward to helping you navigate the Australian migration landscape as seamlessly as possible. Thank you for watching!

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