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Amir’s Journey to Australia as a Restaurant Manager


Amir, a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry, embarked on a transformative journey to secure a 482-subclass work permit visa for Australia. This case study explores the pivotal role played by Baasu sentences, a consultancy firm, in Amir’s successful pursuit of international career growth.

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Background and career path:

Amir, hailing from North India, initiated his career in Dubai in 2012. Over a decade, he ascended from a supervisor to a restaurant manager, garnering experience with renowned brands like Patil Ramada. His dream of moving to Australia began taking shape as he sought new horizons for his career.

Choosing Australia:

Recommendations from colleagues who had previously relocated to Australia influenced Amir’s decision. The burgeoning economy and abundant opportunities in the hospitality sector, particularly for roles like restaurant managers, made Australia an attractive prospect for his long-term career goals.

The role of Baasu Consultants:

After facing challenges with previous consultancies, Amir found a reliable partner in Baasu Consultants. The firm’s professionalism and expertise stood out, guiding Amir through the intricate visa application process with efficiency and precision.

The visa application process:

Amir expresses surprise at the expeditious approval of his visa within six to seven days. The meticulous approach of Baasu Consultants in handling his case and ensuring comprehensive documentation played a pivotal role in this swift approval.

Career advancements in Australia:

Amir highlights the recent rule changes allowing restaurant managers to apply for permanent residency after two years. This shift in regulations offers significant advantages for professionals in Amir’s position, showcasing the potential for sustained career growth in Australia.

Expectations in Australia:

Anticipating both professional and personal challenges, Amir looks forward to adapting to the Australian hospitality industry. He acknowledges the differences in professionalism between Dubai and Australia but expresses eagerness for growth opportunities, especially in enhancing his knowledge of wines and beverages.

Preparation for the move:

Amir planned an initial move to Australia alone, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and readiness to face challenges associated with relocation. He aims to settle in swiftly and commence work as soon as possible.

The consultancy’s impact:

Baasu Consultants played a crucial role in Amir’s success, from crafting an impactful CV to coordinating with employers. The consultancy effectively presented Amir’s case, leading to successful interviews and ultimately securing his position in Australia.

Final thoughts and future plans:

As Amir prepares to depart on July 19th, he expresses gratitude for Baasu sentences’ guidance and support. Baasu always assures ongoing assistance even after Amir’s departure, underscoring the consultancy’s commitment to client success.


Amir’s journey serves as a compelling case study, illustrating how strategic planning, the right consultancy, and a positive attitude can transform aspirations into tangible international career growth. Baasu Consultants emerges as a key facilitator, navigating Amir’s path to success in the competitive landscape of the Australian hospitality industry.

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