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A Journey to Success: Obtaining an Australian Work Permit Visa in the Hospitality Industry

The world of culinary arts is a vast and diverse one, with chefs from all over the globe showcasing their skills and passion for food. For Mr. Palani, an Indian chef with 14 years of experience in various culinary settings across India, the dream of working in Australia became a reality when he successfully secured a 482 subclass Australian work permit visa. In this article, we delve into Mr. Palani’s journey, shedding light on the steps he took, the challenges he faced, and the invaluable assistance he received from Baasu Consultants.

Why Australia?

The decision to pursue a culinary career in Australia wasn’t arbitrary for Mr. Palani. He was drawn to the country based on recommendations from friends and colleagues. The Australian hospitality industry is renowned for its opportunities and growth potential, making it an attractive prospect for chefs looking to expand their horizons.

A transition in culinary specialization

One noteworthy aspect of Mr. Palani’s culinary journey is his transition from being a western cuisine chef to specializing in Indian cuisine. This transition wasn’t happenstance; it was a deliberate choice driven by a desire to explore different culinary traditions and techniques. This adaptability and willingness to diversify his skills would prove to be valuable assets as he embarked on the Australian work permit visa journey.

The visa application process

The Australian visa application process can be daunting, with several prerequisites and stages to navigate. Mr. Palani’s experience, however, offers a ray of hope for aspiring chefs. He found the process manageable and relatively quick, taking approximately six to seven months to complete.

The key milestones in his journey included:

Skill assessment: Mr. Palani began by undergoing a skill assessment to evaluate his culinary expertise and qualifications.

English language requirement: 

Meeting the English language proficiency criteria was the next step, a standard requirement for most Australian visas.

CV marketing: 

Crafting an impressive CV was crucial, as it played a pivotal role in showcasing his skills and experience to prospective employers.

Employer connection: 

A standout feature of Mr. Palani’s journey was his employer’s involvement. His prospective employer traveled to India to witness his culinary talents firsthand, which cemented the employment offer.

Visa approval: 

Once all the requirements were met, the employer initiated the visa application, and Mr. Palani received his Australian work permit visa online within a month.

The new salary standard

During Mr. Palani’s application process, Australia revised its minimum salary requirement for foreign workers to $70,000. Fortunately, his employer adjusted his salary to align with this new standard, resulting in an unexpected financial boost. While a higher salary is undoubtedly gratifying, it also comes with increased expectations and responsibilities.

The role of Baasu Consultants

One of the standout elements of Mr. Palani’s successful visa journey was his choice to seek assistance from Baasu Consultants. His friends had previously navigated the process with Baasu and wholeheartedly recommended their services. Here’s what he had to say about Baasu Consultants:

“Baasu Consultants made the documentation process quick and easy, taking care of every step of the visa process. Communication was excellent, and I always knew what was happening at each stage.”

A bright future in Sydney

With his Australian work permit visa in hand, Mr. Palani is set to embark on a culinary adventure at abyss Indian cuisine in New South Wales, Sydney. This renowned fine dining restaurant offers both South Indian and North Indian cuisine and boasts a coveted “one hat” distinction, akin to a Michelin star.


Mr. Palani’s journey from India to Australia serves as an inspiring tale of determination, adaptability, and meticulous planning. His story underscores the importance of understanding the Australian visa process, which entails multiple stages and requires careful preparation. With the right guidance, unwavering dedication, and a passion for culinary arts, chefs like Mr. Palani can find success and fulfillment on the international stage. We wish him all the best in his new venture and look forward to witnessing his culinary prowess shine in Sydney.

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