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Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan (HSB), Australia

“We at Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan, franchisee for Australian operations, recruit Indian chefs and cooks predominantly from our parent company in India, through the Skill Assessment conducted by Baasu Consultants. Baasu Consultants and Victoria University and is a highly professional organization and consistent in delivering the best possible service in conducting the Practical Skill Assessment for our Cook and Chef recruits.

We find that the Practical Skill Assessment has a very holistic approach and has very high competency requirements. As part of the skill assessment, the candidates are briefed about Australian workplace safety, hygiene and the Australian legislation on food handler’s responsibilities, which are very important for the employer to save on workplace training costs.”

Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant

“Majority of our candidates for skill assessment is our own staff in India who are designated to travel to Australia to work in our Australian restaurants. Baasu Consultants delivered the best possible service in a highly professional manner.

Also, we found that the practical skill assessment by Baasu Consultants/Victoria University have a very system satisfied with the entire process and we have even received the outcome letter with a fortnight. This quick turnaround period is very important for the hospitality trade.”

Auzworld Migration Pty ltd.,Sydney Australia

“We are very pleased with the practical skill assessment conducted by Victoria University and Baasu Consultants. Our candidates for the April Assessment in Chennai, India, have cleared it with flying colors. As per our client’s feedback, the skill assessment exercise was conducted very professionally and the candidates were provided clear guidance on the necessary steps as well as on the paperwork required and by completing the process, they now have a much higher degree of appreciation for the Australian Skill Assessment system.

They are also well prepared to meet the expectations of the Australian Hospitality environment.” and understand the position of South Indian cooks and chefs. As part of skill assessment, the candidates are briefed with the Australian legislation on food safety and handler’s responsibility, which is important as it saves the workplace training costs for the employer. It must be mentioned that the candidates had the best kitchen facility.

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