At Baasu, our delivery is client based. We understand the profile of each of the applicants and provide advice on the options best suited for them. Our constant support, eye for detail and extensive experience in this field make us competent to provide unique counsel and guidance for a process that requires your precious time and investment.

Yes, you can directly apply to Victoria University or through Baasu, Victoria University’s regional partner, for Skills Assessment throughout the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East region. Baasu can offer extended support for your application process and the assessment.

Apart from facilitating Practical Skills Assessment, we offer pre-assessment briefing and orientation services for Practical Skills Assessment.

An English test is not required for Skills Assessment. However, you may need to go through an English test before you apply for a visa.

Formal qualification is NOT mandatory to apply for a skills assessment. With an experience of more than 4 years in a full-time employment, you can apply for skills assessment.

No. The presence of an interpreter could jeopardize the assessment.

Yes, your Australian employer can apply for skills assessment on your behalf.

Yes, it is mandatory to apply for a fresh skills assessment under chef category as your occupation nomination changes from cook to chef.

Documentary evidence is submitted to verify that the applicant has the required skills and experience to meet the Australian standards in the nominated occupation.

At present, the practical skills assessment venues for hospitality trades are in Australia, China, India, Nepal and Dubai.But we are in the process of expanding the assessment services to other regions.

You can move from technical assessment to practical assessment and vice-versa. However, at the time of the Desktop assessment stage the assessment team can suggest the best preferred mode of assessment to you.

Generally, the duration of the practical skills assessment is between four to eight weeks. However, the actual duration depends on the occupation and level nominated. In some cases, we can try to conduct the skill assessment on a priority basis and get it processed in less than 4 weeks.

Many employers would like candidates to take up a trial cooking project before joining service. Practical Skills Assessment gives confidence to the employer about your skills. Since the Victoria University Practical Assessment is done very comprehensively, it is one of the very reasons that many reputed recruiters in Australia use the Victoria University Practical Skill Assessment services.

On the day of assessment, you will need to bring your original passport and documents as per the checklist given by Victoria University. In the case of Practical Skills Assessment, you must wear the relevant trade uniform with the necessary tool kit.

It takes a minimum of ten working days to receive the outcome letter for a practical skills assessment. The duration may become extended on case to case basis based on the verification process.

The assessment outcome letter is valid for up to 2 years from the date on which it is issued.

You can re-apply for the skills assessment, in case your outcome is unsuccessful. There will be a nominal fee applicable for your revised application.

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