What a smart international student or a temporary visa holder can do in Australia Now?

Unfortunately, many visitors in Australia had dream plans to explore Australia for education and career options have to face the unexpected Global crisis COVID-19

If you are a subclass 500 (international student) or subclass 482 ( temporary visitor)visa holder you need to carefully weigh your options in this challenging a COVID 19 time crisis to remain lawful in Australia, sail through and succeed. Here we go, read till the end to make it useful.

If you are a student of one year or lesser duration in Australia. 

If you are a student who landed in Australia and landed in the last two semester time and you have the valid visa for future studies, the Government has not provided any options or assistance, this is because international students have demonstrated at least the first one year of tuition fees as well as the living expenses. 

Since most of the universities are teaching online, you can explore to move to a different location if you can pick up a job. If you have difficulties to support yourself due to loss of part-time jobs the government has advised those to return to your home country till the crisis gets over and the opportunities bounce back to Normal. Though this is not the welcome option for the majority of the students, this is the only option the Government has offered as a piece of advice or you can ask your parents or sponsors to invest a bit more for your living in Australia

If you are a student for more than one year

If you are in Australia more than one year and you been working lawfully with your permitted part-time hours, you must have accumulated considerable superannuation funds, this access of funds will make you sail through for the next 2 to 3 months and as the Australian Financial year comes to an end in June, you will be having access for your Tax file returns and if your threshold is less you will be entitled to the Tax returns under the taxation law. There are special situations that the government has allowed some of the employers to extend your working hours if the work demand so. 

If you are 482 visa holder 

The Australian job market is going through a challenging time, It looks like it is going to continue for the next few months till the situation gets to normal. It is wise you need to stick to the employer to support them in this hard time. In case if your employer is not able to continue the business and he/she is giving you an option to look for an alternative employer, you need to start looking for one, your visa will allow only 30 days to find a new employer with the new nomination and sponsorship. This is the time you need to come out of your comfort zone and ready to move from one city to another or moving from your city to the regional towns, This is the time you need to be flexible and competitive, I have spoken to several employers and most of them feel that it may take at least 6 months to one year to get back to normal. if you are smart, stick to your employer and sail through.

Find your opportunities?

The health sector, as well as the food processing sector, are the two key areas that experts predict the casual and part-time jobs are available in the next 6 months, Australia is exploring to use every expertise of the international students or the temporary visa holders, i.e if you belong to the health sector you need to discuss your opportunities with the appropriate authorities for the right advise and proceed, There is a great opportunity for the medicine, Nursing, food processing, and age care industry, which expends to food and other related service industry as well. 

Baasu’s Advise

These are the tough times and we are not recommending anyone to consider changing the employment or university unless your situation demands to do. So be prepared for pay cuts, reduced hours like no overtime or penalty wages, etc, stick to your employer and sail through this challenging times,  if you need any assistance for the visa as well as the work permit 482 assistance please reach us at ask@baasu.com

Special Note for the students who are currently awaiting for the visa?

There are a number of students whose visa for the February 2020 intake is in the pipeline for various reasons usually, these visas will be given as priority process for the next available intake which is July 2020, however in the current scenario there is considerable uncertainty for the July 2020 intake at the universities, the Australian Governments travel ban for the foreign nationals is still effective and no visas are issued till further notice, we recommend for those who wait for the student visas get prepared for a November 2020 or February 2021 intake. If you find any difficulties our experts are always working for you to ease your process any queries you may shoot out them in the mail or Facebook.

Baasu’s Free Counselling !!!!

As this COVID-19 pandemic situation is not left out for any country, We the Baasu Team take up the global responsibility to give free counseling to all the International Students and the Temporary visa holders to seek the right advice and remain lawful in Australia.

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